Updates to Staff

For your reference, below are the communications sent to all Green Chimneys employees regarding virus policies and procedures, updates to employee benefits, and resources for mental health and self care.

Green Chimneys COVID Policy 2022

As COVID-19 case tracking is no longer required by New York State, Green Chimneys has ended its weekly reporting. We will continue to notify staff believed to have had exposure to a positive case.

Please do not hesitate to contact your department director or Human Resources with questions, or for assistance related to your employment.

Update 9.20.22 – Health & Safety Policy Updates
Update 6.2.22 – Change in Mask Policy    Effective Thursday, June 2
Update 5.20.22 – Change in Mask Policy
Update 3.10.22 – New COVID Policy
Update 1.10.22 – Change in Quarantine Policy
Update 12.10.21 – Agency Sick Policy Update
Update 9.27.21 – Health & Safety Policy: NY HERO Act
Update 9.22.21 – Agency Sick Policy Update
Update 8.26.21 – On Campus Policy/Protocol  and  Delta Variant Information (two documents)
Update 8.19.21 – On Campus Policy/Protocol
Update 12.10.20 – Policies for Employee Testing and Attendance
Update 11.4.20 – NYS Travel Advisory for Out-of-State Arrival 
Update 8.20.20 – Mask Policy Update
Update 7.13.20 – Worker’s Compensation
Update 6.29.20 – New Time Off Request Form & Travel Policy
Update 6.25.20 – Information for Staff Working on Campus
Update 6.22.20 – Welcome Back & Procedures for Return
Update 6.18.20 – Return to Work for Staff with Exemptions
Update 6.1.20 – Temporary Changes to Benefits Enrollment & Flex Account Rules
Update 5.13.20 – New Rules for Stay at Home Exemptions
Update 5.8.20 – Annual Health Assessment & Mantoux Test
Update 5.6.20 – New Flexible Spending Rules
Update 4.22.20 – Flexible Spending Deductions
Update 4.22.20 -EAP Reminder
Update 4.22.20 – Time Off
Green Chimneys Time Off Policy
Update 4.15.20 – Life Insurance
Update 4.15.20 – COFCCA Support Group
Update 3.5.20 – EAP Resources