Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

Green Chimneys maintains nearly 50 birds of prey at the Paul C. Kupchok Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which provides rescue, rehabilitation and continued care for injured, orphaned and distressed wildlife, primarily birds of prey.

The Wildlife Center features an education center, animal triage care area, large display and flight cages, woodland paths and naturalistic habitats. Our wildlife residents include local and exotic breeds, including an Andean condor; numerous hawks, falcons, and owls; several crows; and a permanently disabled bald eagle.

Licensed by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the Green Chimneys Wildlife Center rescues and cares for diverse species. It is also one of the few facilities in New York State that holds proper licenses and permits required for the rehabilitation of Bald Eagles.

Our goal is to release as many animals as possible back into the wild. Those that can be rehabilitated will be returned to nature; those with permanent disabilities are sheltered here, where they provide a special learning experience for the children—and staff—at Green Chimneys.

Looking to connect with staff regarding a possible rehabilitation?

Contact Wildlife Program Manager Dave Spillo via 845.279.2995 x1304.

World of Wildlife Discovery

The following is a list of wildlife currently in our care and may be visible to the public. Please note that due to weather conditions, animal care priorities, and educational programming, not all animals may be visible at all times.

Birds of Prey
1 Bald Eagle 
1 Andean Condor
5 Peregrine Falcons
1 Prairie Falcon 
1 Finnish Goshawk
3 Gyrfalcons
2 Broad-winged Hawks 
1 Ferruginous Hawk 
4 Harris Hawks
2 Red-shouldered Hawks
6 Red-tailed Hawks
1 Kestrel
2 Barn Owls
3 Barred Owls
3 Eastern Screech Owls
3 Eurasian Eagle Owls
2 Great Horned Owls
1 Turkey Vulture

Additional Birds
2 American Crows
1 Common Raven
3 Emus
11 Peacocks
1 Golden Pheasant
1 Reeve’s Pheasant
3 Turkeys
2 Demoiselle Cranes
1 Cayuga Duck 
2 Falcated Ducks
3 Mandarin Ducks
1 Muscovy Duck 
1 Peking Duck 
1 Rouen Duck
2 Smew 
2 Scaup Ducks
4 Eurasian Teal
9 Wood Ducks
1 Pintail Ducks
5 Canada Geese
9 Chinese Geese
4 Emperor Geese
2 Red Breasted Geese
1 Saddle-back Pomeranian Goose
2 Snow Geese
1 Ring-Billed Gull
1 Great Blue Heron
1 Green Heron
1 Whooper Swan

1 Porcupine
1 Opossum

Plan Your Visit

The Wildlife Center is part of the Sam and Myra Ross Farm & Wildlife Center on our Brewster Campus. You can visit on weekends from 10:00am – 3:00pm. But remember, the Center is the animals’ home so please respect their space and move slowly and quietly. More about visiting the Farm & Wildlife Center

More about the Wildlife Center

Retired animal expert Paul Kupchok, after whom our center was named, led wildlife rehabilitation at Green Chimneys for over 25 years. Caring for animals in need serves as a wonderful model for Green Chimneys School students who build empathy and confidence through their experiences. In fact, students establish great connections and skills through animal-assisted activities and therapies. To learn more about our nature-based approach to therapeutic education, visit the Why Animals & Nature section of our website.