Brewster Day Program

Green Chimneys School offers an enriched academic environment with a vast array of innovative programming, including life skills, music and art, therapeutic animal-assisted activities, and outdoor education, all based in experiential learning. A fully integrated approach to education includes:

Academic Program

Green Chimneys adheres to all standards and educational mandates set by the New York State Education Department. Our curriculum follows Next Generation Learning Standards, including standardized testing for all grades, modifying instruction and activities to meet the abilities of our students.

Therapeutic Education

Green Chimneys School academics are complemented by age-appropriate, therapeutic educational programs offered to students in all grades as part of their weekly class schedule. Many incorporate Green Chimneys’ unique nature-based approach, providing experiential learning and opportunities to develop important skills related to the care of and interaction with animals and plants. High School students earn 1/4 elective credits for these courses.

Clinical & Related Services

Green Chimneys School offers on-site clinical services and therapeutic support from staff professionals who help students develop a sense of understanding and individual uniqueness, as they gain the ability to apply what they learn at Green Chimneys to daily life.

Animal & Nature Programs

Green Chimneys was founded on the belief that children will benefit from their interaction with nature and animals. The Green Chimneys Farm & Wildlife Center is home to 200 farm animals, unreleasable wildlife, horses and a small number of service dogs in training. Acres of gardens and outdoor spaces encourage learning in horticulture and environmental activities.

Work-Based Learning

Green Chimneys Students learn and practice a variety of employment and job skills, where they receive individual and group education. With assistance from a vocational counselor, classroom teachers and social workers, students have opportunities to access age-appropriate work experiences, both on and off campus.