School Programs

The Green Chimneys School offers an enriched academic environment with a vast array of innovative programming, including life skills, music and art, therapeutic animal-assisted activities, and outdoor education, all based in experiential learning. The fully integrated approach to education at Green Chimneys includes: AcademicsTherapeutic EducationClinical & Related Services, Animal & Nature Program and Vocational Education.


The flightless emu is the largest bird native to Australia, but this particular emu didn’t travel that far, he’s from Massachusetts. Since he was 3 weeks old, Eli was hand-raised by the children at Green Chimneys and is imprinted, especially comfortable around humans and even other animals. In fact, Eli doesn’t mind sharing his paddock with sheep Bo Peep. At first, children can be afraid of Eli’s intimidating large beak and beady eyes.