Focus on Family

July 8, 2024
Parent resources at Green Chimneys includes retreats like the one pictured here.

Having your child attend a school outside of district can be daunting. All too often, families come to Green Chimneys feeling displaced from their home districts and communities, due to the challenges they have faced. “We moved so that our child could be close to the elementary school he would be going to…it was disappointing,” shares Rachel, parent of a 4th grade student. When a student’s needs necessitate alternate plans, it’s an adjustment for all.

Family-Centered Care

Helping our families find a sense of community and build a base of support as they navigate special education or residential treatment, is key to their role in supporting their child. Green Chimneys’ family-centered approach recognizes the family’s expertise when it comes to their own child, and that strong family and community connections are essential to positive growth and change. Admissions Director Lara Signorini often likes to point out, “When we accept a student, we accept the whole family!”

Family-centered care is based in the collaboration between a family and Green Chimneys educators and clinicians, who help to minimize isolation, increase skills, and provide much needed resources. These resources include the community of Green Chimneys families, as well. The goal is to strengthen the individual child, as well as the family unit, by providing knowledge and fostering connections they can carry with them beyond their time at Green Chimneys.

Parent Resources

Connection starts even before a student’s arrival, with the Parent Welcome Committee. Comprised of parents of Green Chimneys students, it is a resource for families as they acclimate to the school and programs. Parents benefit greatly from hearing first-hand experiences, and hopefully gain the understanding that they are not on this journey alone. Green Chimneys clinicians conduct monthly trainings to help parents to strengthen skill sets and support generalization of skills for their children.

“We have been learning so much about our son and our interactions; how we all regulate ourselves in day-to-day life and understanding what challenges he faces with his ADHD,” says Rachel. “These trainings have been invaluable in handling his dysregulation at home; I know how to put certain strategies in place.”

Additional parent resources include monthly Parent Support Groups, as well as annual Parent Retreats and Family BBQs, which provide a forum for parents to come together to share their stories, learn with and from one another, and build an internal community.

Rachel sums up her family’s Green Chimneys experience clearly: “We’re not isolated. We are not the only ones going through what we are going through. It makes you feel better that other parents are going through similar stories and that it’s the dynamic of the situation.”

Community Services

While the specific resources above are available for to parents of Green Chimneys’ students, Green Chimneys Community Based Services offers services to the public across Putnam County and bordering areas. These programs aim to connect families to vital resources for their children, foster conflict resolution, and improve family communication and dynamics. They provide access to evaluations, social supports – like groups, and coordinated services, helping families offer the best possible care for their children. Learn more about available services