Info for Parents

Whether you’re wondering if your child is ready for summer camp, want to learn more about camp scholarships or are in need of completing medical forms, we are here to help!

Is My Child Ready for Camp?

Every child looks forward to summer vacation when school schedules and homework give way to more time playing outside and having fun. And parents want to ensure their child has a safe and enriching place to be. If you’re considering summer camp, you’ll want to consider your child’s readiness, as well.

First, think about what your child would enjoy.

What activities does he or she like to spend the most time doing? How much time do you think they can handle being away from home? Some children enjoy being at camp for a full day, every day, while others may [still] need a fair amount of time with their own friends or family.

How well does your child adjust to new situations, or transition from home to school each day? Some kids take to camp right away, and parents are lucky to get a wave goodbye. Other campers have longer periods of adjustment. Again, you know your child best.

Day camp programs can start as early as age 3.

If you are considering summer camp for the first time, here are some specific questions you may want to answer:

  • Do you want part-time or full-time care?
  • Does your child eat, change, and use the restroom independently or do they need assistance?
  • Is your child comfortable following directions and respecting a group structure or do they prefer more individualized activities and flexibility?
  • Is your child interested in large group social interactions and trying new and challenging activities or are they more comfortable in a small setting?

No matter what these questions uncover for you, Green Chimneys has a summer program to meet your needs.

Check out Green Chimneys Summer Camps and Nature’s Nursery Summer Sprouts to find the best summer option for your child.