Our Staff

A fully integrated approach includes a complete staff of educators, clinicians, social workers, therapists, farm and wildlife experts, and outdoor specialists. Classroom teachers are certified special education professionals trained to address individual learning styles, as well as provide necessary therapeutic support.

Certified Special Education Professionals and Staff Members Teach and Support Students

Staff members are also trained in social skills development and behavior management techniques to assist students in self-regulation skills, and crisis prevention and intervention. Education and clinical staff participate in additional training and professional development opportunities, both on and off the Green Chimneys campus, on an ongoing basis.

School Administration – Brewster Campus

  • Paul Tobin, Principal
  • Amanda Yager, Elementary & Middle School House Administrator
  • Kate Tashman, High School House Administrator
  • Jayne Jacobs, CSE Chairperson
  • Toni DeMato, Clinical Coordinator
  • Catherine Werlau, Assistant Director, Social Services

Clinical Support

  • Kristin Licardi, Chief Clinical Officer
  • Dr. Kathryn Rizzo, Supervising Psychologist
  • Nevean Sayegh, School Psychologist
  • Jenna Eckna, Vice President, Social Services
  • Erin Rider, Assistant Director, Social Services