Health & Wellness

A Registered Nurse is on-site in the School Nurse Office during school hours. The nurse works collaboratively with parents/guardians, students, teachers and physicians to provide a healthy school environment for all.

Student Health & Wellness

The school nurse administers first aid care and treatment, promotes health education, and provides nursing assessments, as well as annual vision and hearing screenings for eligible students. Parents/guardians are notified if a child’s screening test results require further evaluation by a physician.

Every effort is made by all members of the Green Chimneys community to maintain student health & wellness and reduce the spread of illness by encouraging and modeling hand washing before and after meals, activities and contact with animals. Bathrooms are checked by staff after every use to ensure a hygienic atmosphere for the next user. Proper hand washing techniques are supervised if necessary. Hand sanitizers are available campus-wide.

Green Chimneys Wellness Policy

In compliance with State and Federal regulations, Green Chimneys annually issues a report describing the quality of its drinking water. This report provides an overview of the previous year’s water quality, including details about where campus water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to State standards. Current reporting confirms that Green Chimneys tap water meets all State drinking water health standards and is safe to drink.