Extracurricular Activities

Activities outside of school hours are critical to child and teen development. The Green Chimneys Recreation Department coordinates an after school program that serves both day and residential students on our Brewster campus to provide a broad range of activities that include academic support, mentoring, youth development, arts, and sports and recreation.

After School Recreational Programs and Therapeutic Activities Support Student Development

Parents of Brewster campus day students receive club information and students may participate as long as they have transportation home. Green Chimneys residential students enroll in their club(s) of choice as part of their dormitory program.

After school programming operates Monday – Thursday until 4:30pm, mid-September through mid-June. Two days of the week are designated for children 11 and under, and two days for youth 12 and over.

After School Activities & Clubs

  • Seasonal Sports: Basketball, Softball, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Soccer
  • Homework Help & Tutoring
  • Chess & Board Games
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Fitness
  • Track/Cross Country
  • Martial Arts
  • Swim Team
  • Farm & Garden Programs
  • Yearbook
  • Music & Chorus
  • Lego Club
  • Knitting & Crocheting
  • Adventure Club


  • After school recreational programs and therapeutic activities support student development.

  • Green Chimneys residential students enroll in their club(s) of choice as part of their dormitory program.

  • Two days of the week are designated for children 11 and under, and two days for youth 12 and over.

Additional Activities & Enrichment

Student Council

The Green Chimneys Student Council allows students to have a voice and discuss issues that arise in the school community, giving them an opportunity to be heard. Every class has a representative who serves on the Student Council, and teachers involve students in the selection process. Class representatives report the “news” to their classmates and bring any concerns or issues the class may have to the meetings for discussion. The students have fun, work together on resolving concerns and work on community service projects. This is a great opportunity for staff members to view the school environment through the eyes of students.

4H Presentations and Projects

A highlight of the school year is the annual 4H competition, truly a school-wide event. As part of their regular academic enrichment, classes submit collaborative science or research projects of their choice to exhibit at the Putnam County Fair held each summer. Younger students participate in small animal presentations and judging on campus. Older students show large animals in the livestock competition at the fair, working hard to prepare for a showmanship evaluation, which includes handling of the animal, knowledge of the breed, and its care. Students take a class trip to the 4H Fair to see all the class project entries, visit the animals, watch demonstrations and play games.

Community Service and Charity Projects

Green Chimneys students support the campus and the larger community with year-round service projects. Tree planting, gardening, and clean-up projects help to maintain our shared environment and teach important skills. Students also plan charity projects with their classmates and teachers to help those in need. It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to work together, use their creativity, and be a part of the larger community we live in. From local families to shelter animals to military troops overseas, our students capture the spirit of the holidays – and other times of the year – with warm wishes and thoughtful contributions.

Green Chimneys guinea pig


With the completion of an elaborate new habitat built by Green Chimneys’ woodshop students, the Farm Science classroom was able to welcome Brownie into her new home. Brownie previously lived alone in her cage in the farm and wildlife office, but guinea pigs do best in larger environments. The new habitat allows her to live in a herd as she would in the wild, with many places to hide and ways to practice her skills. Brownie has always been a social creature, and she has taken over the guinea pig herd but is a very peaceful leader.