What You'll See at the Farm

Green Chimneys is home to over 200 animals and birds, from the familiar to the exotic to the endangered. Explore the Farm & Wildlife Center and meet the animals who are also educators, therapists and friends to our school students!

  • The Teaching Barn houses most of the domestic farm animals and is surrounded by scenic outdoor paddocks, a large chicken coop, and pens for the pigs.
  • The Horse Barn is home to numerous equine breeds, as well as a pair of Bactrian camels, all of whom spend the majority of their time outside.
  • The Wildlife Center is situated all along a winding path through a wooded area, providing a more familiar habitat to its residents who can no longer live in the wild.  About wildlife rehabilitation

Farm Animals

7 Cows7 Pigs23 Sheep
8 Rabbits1 Llama11 Goats
6 Guinea Pigs1 Emu2 Ferrets
7 Doves75 Chickens14 Rats
4 Homing Pigeons1 Ball Python1 Duck
2 Leopard Gecko2 Parakeets1 Fan Tailed Pigeon
1 Guinea Hen2 Mice1 Tree Frog
1 Duck1 Peahen3 Peachicks

Horse Barn

3 Miniature Horses1 Shetland Pony2 Mediterranean Donkeys
12 Horses2 Miniature Donkeys2 Bactrian Camels


4 Eastern Screech Owls1 Eurasian Griffon Vulture5 Harris Hawks
1 Hybrid Falcon6 Peregrine Falcons1 Andean Condor
 3 Red-Tailed Hawks1 Gyrfalcon2 Wild Turkeys
4 Eurasian Eagle Owls1 Tawny Eagle1 Great Horned Owl
3 Barred Owls2 Barn Owls1 Turkey Vulture
3 Red-Shouldered Hawks1 American Kestrel1 Pied Crow
1 African Raven3 American Crows1 Common Raven
2 Golden Pheasants1 Saker Falcon4 Corn Snakes
1 Blue Jay1 Pileated Woodpecker1 King Snake
3 Chinchillas2 Russian Tortoise16 Peacocks
1 Saw Whet Owl1 Scaup Duck1 Red Tail Boa
1 Japanese Sika Deer5 Mandarin Ducks7 Wood Ducks
4 Pintail Ducks1 Egyptian Goose1 Mute Swan
13 Chinese Geese5 Canada Geese2 Bearded Dragons
1 Emu2 Teals1 African Goose
1 Kookaburra4 Rouen Ducks1 Savannah Monitor
1 Pacman Frog1 Tarantula3 Emperor Scorpions
2 Red-Eared Sliders50 Hissing Cockroaches2 Demoiselle Cranes
4 Emperor Geese1 Cayuga duck2 Ring-Neck Pheasant
3 Quail1 Chukar Partridge5 Khaki Campbell Ducks
1 Sulcata Tortoise1 Call duck1 Greek Tortoise
2 Button Quail7 Finches2 Anole Lizards