What You'll See at the Farm

Green Chimneys is home to over 200 animals and birds, from the familiar to the exotic to the endangered. Explore the Sam and Myra Ross Farm & Wildlife Center and meet the animals who are also educators, therapists and friends to our school students!

  • The Teaching Barn houses most of the domestic farm animals and is surrounded by scenic outdoor paddocks, a large chicken coop, and pens for the pigs.
  • The Horse Barn is home to numerous equine breeds, as well as a pair of Bactrian camels, all of whom spend the majority of their time outside.
  • The Wildlife Center is situated all along a winding path through a wooded area, providing a more familiar habitat to its residents who can no longer live in the wild.  About wildlife rehabilitation

Farm Animals

7 Cows7 Pigs23 Sheep
8 Rabbits1 Llama11 Goats
6 Guinea Pigs1 Emu2 Ferrets
7 Doves75 Chickens14 Rats
4 Homing Pigeons1 Ball Python1 Duck
2 Leopard Gecko2 Parakeets1 Fan Tailed Pigeon
1 Guinea Hen2 Mice1 Tree Frog
1 Duck1 Peahen3 Peachicks

Horse Barn

3 Miniature Horses1 Shetland Pony2 Mediterranean Donkeys
12 Horses2 Miniature Donkeys2 Bactrian Camels


4 Eastern Screech Owls1 Eurasian Griffon Vulture5 Harris Hawks
1 Hybrid Falcon6 Peregrine Falcons1 Andean Condor
 3 Red-Tailed Hawks1 Gyrfalcon2 Wild Turkeys
4 Eurasian Eagle Owls1 Tawny Eagle1 Great Horned Owl
3 Barred Owls2 Barn Owls1 Turkey Vulture
3 Red-Shouldered Hawks1 American Kestrel1 Pied Crow
1 African Raven3 American Crows1 Common Raven
2 Golden Pheasants1 Saker Falcon4 Corn Snakes
1 Blue Jay1 Pileated Woodpecker1 King Snake
3 Chinchillas2 Russian Tortoise16 Peacocks
1 Saw Whet Owl1 Scaup Duck1 Red Tail Boa
1 Japanese Sika Deer5 Mandarin Ducks7 Wood Ducks
4 Pintail Ducks1 Egyptian Goose1 Mute Swan
13 Chinese Geese5 Canada Geese2 Bearded Dragons
1 Emu2 Teals1 African Goose
1 Kookaburra4 Rouen Ducks1 Savannah Monitor
1 Pacman Frog1 Tarantula3 Emperor Scorpions
2 Red-Eared Sliders50 Hissing Cockroaches2 Demoiselle Cranes
4 Emperor Geese1 Cayuga duck2 Ring-Neck Pheasant
3 Quail1 Chukar Partridge5 Khaki Campbell Ducks
1 Sulcata Tortoise1 Call duck1 Greek Tortoise
2 Button Quail7 Finches2 Anole Lizards