Green Chimneys School

Green Chimneys School, a New York State 853 school, is designed for students who have been unsuccessful in a traditional educational setting, and benefit from a highly structured and supportive program.

Structure and Support in a NYS-Approved Special Education School

The therapeutic special education program incorporates academic, behavioral and emotional support in a comprehensive learning environment to help each child achieve new skills and confidence, and return to their home school district with the best chance of success.

Green Chimneys School offers:

  • Enriched academic curriculum meeting New York State standards
  • Experiential learning environment
  • Innovative nature-based approach
  • Focus on individual needs and abilities
  • On-site clinical services and therapeutic support
  • High staff-to-student ratio
  • Experienced educators and special education professionals

Two Campuses

Green Chimneys School Brewster Campus serves day and residential students in grades 2–12. The Clearpool Campus in Carmel, NY provides smaller classes and a more intimate environment for day students in grades 4–8.

Who does Green Chimneys serve?