Program Overview

Green Chimneys School offers a fully integrated approach that includes a complete staff of educators, clinicians, social workers, therapists, farm and wildlife experts, and outdoor specialists who are trained in social skills development, behavior management techniques to assist students in self-regulation skills, and crisis prevention and intervention.

Individualized Therapeutic and Educational Services for Every Student

Green Chimneys School curriculum is structured according to each child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) and delivered in a comprehensive, therapeutic environment with a student-to-staff ratio of 12:1:2 or 8:1:2. The educational, physical, emotional and behavioral needs of the individual learner are considered and accommodated following comprehensive assessments. Our students are then immersed in experiences that help to identify and build upon their strengths.

Our ultimate goal is to have a child return to their family and home school district in the shortest time possible and discharge planning begins at admission.

Green Chimneys collaborates with each child’s family and home school district through the Committee on Special Education (CSE) to ensure that educational and related services goals are met, including programs to address remedial or specialized learning needs. Team members maintain open communication with families and conduct regular conferences and annual review IEP meetings.

Professional staff including certified special education teachers, social workers, psychologists, nurses, speech pathologists and occupational therapists, that is familiar with the complex needs of students in a special education setting, guide children toward making constructive choices and building upon their individual strengths, in collaboration with their families.