Life on Campus

Green Chimneys is a community both in and of itself, and part of the local and regional community. We pride ourselves on maintaining an open campus; a place that hosts visitors from across the globe and holds public events in which students, and their families, can fully participate.

A Culture of Community Supports Therapeutic Activities and Learning

Mealtimes are shared by students and staff; monthly all-campus meetings deliver important news and recognize achievements by students and staff; and holiday celebrations and special occasions are attended by all.

Our culture is one of safety, respect and inclusion and our students – and staff – are committed to being Upstanders. The Upstander initiative is Green Chimneys’ anti-bullying program designed to help students identify unacceptable behaviors and learn ways to address, and prevent, bullying.

As a part of the Green Chimneys School curriculum, ongoing programming introduces topics and activities to spark discussion and create understanding. The program also incorporates a reward system to reinforce positive actions and recognize individuals who model Upstander behaviors.