Education & Events

The Sam and Myra Ross Institute hosts and participates in regional, national and global conferences to explore and disseminate scientific, scholarly and practical information among professionals studying or working in humane education, nature-based programs and medical and mental health fields.

Sharing Knowledge Through Conferences and Education

The Institute’s most notable event is the two-day Human-Animal Interaction Conference, hosted at the Green Chimneys campus every other year. The agenda focuses on best practices and the exchanging of ideas with experts and peers in a wide range of professions that utilize animal-assisted and nature-based models. Speakers and attendees represent leading programs from around the world to discuss professional standards, evidence-based practices, and emerging trends to develop a shared vision for all practitioners. The conference also features hands-on sessions at the farm.

A partnership with The Leir Charitable Foundations supports ongoing education and workshops held at the Leir Retreat Center in Ridgefield, CT.  Full-day presentations feature professionals in education, clinical and nature-based fields to advance thinking and practices that promote human health and well being, and advocacy for animals and nature.