Training & Development

As part of Green Chimneys’ support to staff, online learning opportunities and job-related training continue to be available via Biz Library and other resources.

Online tools for managing stress and remote work during the pandemic:
Topic: Managing Stress & Anxiety During Covid-19
Topic: Resilience
Topic: Working Remotely
Topic: Communication

COVID Fatigue Relief Kit

Required Training: COVID-19 and Trauma Awareness for All Staff
A new training focused on the impact and effects related to trauma as we live through the turbulence of this pandemic. The session is informative and full of tips and strategies designed to strengthen personal coping strategies and adopt new ways of working with others. The training features a video and Powerpoint presentations for direct care and non-direct care staff; the direct care version includes additional strategies centered on working with youth.

COVID-19 and Trauma Awareness

Accompanying Powerpoint presentations:
Direct Care Staff
Non-Direct Care Staff

Many other required staff trainings are also continuing. Please contact the staff member connected to the program you need:

TCI Refreshers
Jackie Larkin
[email protected]

Compliance Training
Biz Library Access
Heidi Duelfer
[email protected]

Teacher Trainings
Ed Dalpe
[email protected]