Meet Paula

Paula is from Argentina and will serve as Green Chimneys Summer Camps’ Program Manager for the 2023 season!

When did you start working with Green Chimneys Summer Camp?

My first summer at Green Chimneys was the 2021 camp season.

What was your Favorite memory from the 2022 Camp Season?

My favorite memory was definitely the moment that I saw the returning campers from the year before. They remembered and recognized me, and getting to see how much they grew up is one of the most beautiful things I experienced at camp.

Why are you returning to camp?

Camp gives me happiness, being in contact with wonderful kids, with nature, with animals all day long makes a great day—having all those things at work makes me feel so grateful and blessed. Not everybody gets the chance to work at a place like this.

Favorite camp song?

My favorite songs are “The Great Big Moose” and “Peanut Butter Reese’s Cup”.

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