Meet Ella

Ella is from England and will serve as Head Staff for the 2023 Camp Season!

When did you start working with Green Chimneys Summer Camp?

My first summer at Green Chimneys was the summer of 2022.

What was your Favorite memory from the 2022 Camp Season?

My favourite memory of camp from last summer was definitely our mess fest. Everywhere you looked there were campers and staff laughing hysterically whilst covered in silly string, paint, mud, glitter, or (in my case) ketchup and mustard! We had an absolute blast!

Why are you returning to camp?

I love the environment of camp, and I love knowing that as a staff, I have contributed to the magic that is camp. By providing a safe and inclusive space for our campers we are able to watch their confidence grow as they make new friends and challenge themselves to try new activities. Working at camp is so rewarding for these reasons and so returning was a no-brainer. I cannot wait for summer 2023.

Favorite camp song?

“PEANUT BUTTER REESES’ CUP!” Singing that chant is the best way to start a day at camp.

What is your favorite theme week and what did you dress up as?

My favourite theme week was our Pixar week. I dressed up as Boo from “Monsters Inc.” Last summer I was working as Head of the Trailblazers, and we had a themed afternoon at the waterfront inspired by “Finding Nemo.” Our campers participated in a variety of water activities including fishing Nemo and his friends out of the crib, digging in the sand for Hank the octopus, and water relays to ‘rescue’ Nemo’s friends. We had the best time!

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