Employment FAQs

All applications must be completed and submitted via our Online Job Portal. Paper applications are not accepted.

An email address is required to submit an electronic application. If you do not have a current email address you should create one via the several different free email options available online such as yahoo, gmail, etc.

Green Chimneys does have computer terminals available for you to use if you do not have access to a private computer or cannot access a public computer at a library. If you need to use one of our computer terminals you must make an appointment. You may contact an HR Recruiter at 845.279.2995. Walk-in requests to use our computer terminals cannot be granted.

Job listings are updated on our Online Job Portal the day that they become available for applicants to apply.  In addition, jobs may be advertised in media publications, on other internet job sites and/or with specific professional associations.  Jobs are generally advertised for as long as needed until a qualified candidate is hired. Green Chimneys give its current employees the opportunity to apply for open positions before they are offered publicly. To allow qualified current staff to apply, jobs may be posted internally for 10 business days before being advertised in the community.

No. To apply for any position you must create an account using our online application system and apply for a specific job (or jobs) that is (are) available. All applications must be completed and submitted via our Online Job Portal.

Immediately upon submitting a completed application through our online system you will receive an automatic electronic confirmation that the process has been completed and your application has been accepted. If your qualifications meet the minimum requirements for the job for which you applied you may be contacted by an HR Recruiter for a pre-screening interview or you may be contacted by the job’s direct hiring manager for an in person interview. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we cannot guarantee that you will be contacted and cannot say how long the process might take.

Once you submit an application online you will receive an automatic electronic response to confirm that we have been notified of your interest. Due to the high volume of applications we receive we do not personally contact everyone who completed an application and recommend that you wait to hear from either an HR Recruiter or the job specific hiring manager.

No. Any resumes sent via email, fax and/or mail will not be accepted. All applicants must complete and submit an electronic application through our online job portal, which will also allow you to upload your resume.

No. All information about job opportunities can be found at our Online Job Portal.

After completing your online application, you will receive an email notifying you that your application has been successfully submitted.

Once your application is received it will be carefully reviewed by a Human Resources Recruiter.  If you meet the minimum requirements for the position(s) for which you applied you may receive a phone call from the Recruiter for a short pre-screening phone interview.  If we believe you would be a good fit for our organization your application will be forwarded to the appropriate department hiring manager for further review and consideration. If the hiring manager is interested they may call you for an in person interview.

Applications are reviewed and candidates are selected for interviews based on the documented experience, education and skills provided in the application and on the uploaded resume, if applicable. It is important to read the job announcements thoroughly so you can identify the required qualifications for the job to which you are applying and make it clear when completing your application that you meet those requirements. Please be detailed and thorough when completing your applications to help us best determine if you are qualified. Although it is not required for every job, we highly recommend that you upload or cut and paste your resume to your application. A Human Resources Recruiter carefully reviews all applications and may call you for a pre-screening phone interview. Those applicants who are most qualified and seem to be a good fit for our organization will be forwarded to the job specific hiring manager for further review and consideration.  If the hiring manager agrees that you meet the job’s requirements they may call you for an in person interview.

Once an applicant creates an account through our online application system, they can log in at any time to apply to additional positions. Completed applications remain in the system indefinitely.

The following characteristics are highly valued by our organization: pride in one’s work, integrity, reliability, a proactive nature and positive attitude, the ability to get along with others and the desire to learn and improve. People who are caring, compassionate, friendly, dedicated, supportive and flexible are most successful working at our organization.

Green Chimneys does an extensive background check on all employees who are hired, including, but not necessarily limited to, criminal history, State Central Registry on Child Abuse, Sexual Offenders Registry, New York State Staff Exclusion List, education and professional references.

Green Chimneys encourages employees to continue developing their skills in ways that benefit them and the agency.  Promotions, transfer and special assignments are based on an employee’s performance, as well as on his or her interests, background, skills and potential.  Green Chimneys encourages employees to take an active role in their professional development.  We support those efforts through education assistance, training programs and employment postings.

Yes, Green Chimneys encourages employees to strive for continual personal and professional development. We believe strongly in the value of training and the impact it can have on you and our agency. All employees are encouraged to continuously participate in a variety of dynamic personal and professional development courses offered on a regular basis.