Resident Visitation

Green Chimneys strongly supports in-person visiting for residents and their families.

We are pleased to provide a regular on-campus and home visit schedule including standard holidays and school recess breaks.


On-Campus Visits

There may be occasions when you visit your child on campus and/or take them out for a meal, medical appointment, or special event. Green Chimneys does not have set visiting hours but we do encourage visits to occur outside of school and clinical group hours, and prior to the start of night-time routines. Times may vary from dorm to dorm so please check with your child’s Unit Supervisor. Please see all current guidelines in place

Home Visits

The treatment team also helps to develop a weekend home visit schedule that is specific to your child’s needs. Six week-long recesses offer home visits for longer periods of time. Transportation for home visits is available to and from campus via pick-up/drop-off locations in Suffolk County, Manhattan, Middletown, and New Paltz. Details are provided monthly. Any change to schedules or procedures will be communicated promptly.
View the latest transportation information and procedures 

Planning a Visit

  • All visits are to be scheduled with your child’s Social Worker/Therapist at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Check in and out at the Health & Wellness Center to sign out your child and pick up any needed medication. Your child will be brought to you at start of visit, and picked up by staff at end of visit.
  • If you will remain on campus for your visit, please check with your child’s Social Worker about any requests for indoor space or recreation equipment.

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