The Nature’s Nursery Preschool curriculum models the New York State Pre-Kindergarten Standards that provide the framework for the learning and development of the whole child. This framework is aligned with the existing K-12 learning standards.

Our teaching staff accomplishes the delivery of our preschool curriculum goals through the play and active engagement of the students within a rich and well-designed environment. Evaluations and functioning assessments are ongoing and enable the teaching staff to set classroom and individual goals, develop lesson plans and track progress.

Our preschool starts at age 3 with a curriculum focused on these critical areas for early learners:

  1. Approach to Learning: Active involvement in learning and acquiring knowledge
  2. Physical Development and Health: Physical health and the ability to engage in daily activities
  3. Social and Emotional Development: Emotional competence and the ability to form positive relationships in the home, at school and in the larger community
  4. Communication, Language and Literacy: Build understanding and the ability to create and communicate meaning
  5. Cognition and Knowledge of the World: Ability to learn and understand about their world and apply what they know in math, science, social studies, the arts and technology

Age-appropriate activities that bring learning and skill-building to life:

  • Songs and Rhymes
  • Story Time
  • Show and Tell
  • Reading and Math Readiness
  • Farm and Wildlife Experiences
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Cooking
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Hiking
  • Nature Exploration
  • Library
  • Gardening
  • Indoor/Outdoor Play Time
  • Group Games
  • Community Service Projects
  • Field Trips