Inclement Weather

In the event of poor weather conditions, families should be prepared for potential school closing, delayed opening or early dismissal.

For information about any changes to the Green Chimneys School schedule, please tune into WHUD 100.7 FM radio or log onto the WHUD Storm Center website.

Green Chimneys utilizes SchoolMessenger to notify families of day students of a school delay or closure by 6:00 a.m. via telephone. If you are not receiving notification for any reason, please reach out to the school administrative office.

You may also sign up for Storm Center text alerts for ongoing updates during questionable weather conditions. In some cases, the Green Chimneys Facebook or Twitter pages may provide additional information but should not be considered places for official notification.

It is important to note that weather patterns are not always the same in all areas that we serve, so it may be helpful to check forecasts for Brewster or Carmel, NY.

To avoid unnecessary exposure to dangerous road conditions, day student parents should:

  • Follow delayed opening, early dismissal or school closure information as announced by your home school district as this will directly affect the availability of transportation for your child.
  • Keep both your own and your emergency contact information updated to avoid failed attempts to reach you in the event of an unexpected early dismissal. Your emergency contact will be called if we are unable to connect with you.
  • Stay available by phone on questionable days when an early dismissal may be called by your district or Green Chimneys. Your district transportation office will call you when the early dismissal determination has been made.
  • Avoid driving your child to/from school if any of the above has occurred.

Thank you for your cooperation.