Treatment Meetings

As the expert on your child, you are an integral member of your child’s treatment team. We will work closely with you to develop and facilitate a treatment plan which supports your family’s goals. Your child’s treatment plan will be reviewed at various points during their enrollment at Green Chimneys.

Initial Case Conference

You will be invited to participate in this meeting with the rest of the Green Chimneys treatment team within 30-45 days post admission. We will review history and develop/review goals for treatment. The treatment plan is the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Red Flags

These emergency treatment meetings are held when students are not responding to the usual treatment interventions or there is a need as recommended by a member of the treatment team or parent.

Committee on Special Education Annual Reviews

These CSE meetings are held once per year, are facilitated by the CSE chairperson, and may occur at the school district or at Green Chimneys. Your child’s Individualized Education Plan, including the need for related services and accommodations, will be reviewed and approved.

Committee on Special Education Program Reviews

These CSE meetings are held anytime a change in placement or service is recommended or at parent’s request