STEAM Fair Challenges Students to Explore, Discover, and Share

February 1, 2020

How does music affect animal behavior?
Which liquid will dissolve candy the fastest?
How does solar power work?

These are just a few of the questions answered by young scientists at Green Chimneys School’s STEAM Fair. Curious middle schoolers selected a wide range of experiments to explain – and sometimes disprove – the how and why of everyday products and scientific processes.

Embracing the scientific process

Students tested hypotheses through trial and error and reported on carefully measured results. Project foci included:

  • studying robotic arms and prosthetic hands
  • researching how music affects the mind
  • building batteries and clocks from lemons and potatoes

Green Chimneys STEAM Fair 2020

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Even the experiments that didn’t bring predicted results became a valuable learning experience, allowing students to analyze the process and what caused the outcome.

The projects were part of the inquiry-based science curriculum at Green Chimneys School where age-appropriate lab experiments are incorporated into all science classes. Middle school grades 4-8 use Green Chimneys’ environmentally-rich campus to investigate all living things, both plant and animal, as they become familiar with the scientific method. Students are also encouraged to explore the physical sciences as they discover the characteristics, properties and chemical composition of all forms of matter.

Exploring interests and learning in a safe, supportive environment

Green Chimneys School is designed for students who have been unsuccessful in a traditional educational setting and who require a highly structured and supportive program. The therapeutic program incorporates academic, behavioral and emotional support in an enriched school setting. Experiential learning is a core component of an array of innovative programming, including life skills, music and art, animal-assisted activities, and outdoor education.

Completing an in-depth project and presenting it is an especially sweet accomplishment for many of our students. We are so proud of the growth they are achieving as young scientists and as young people.

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