Remembering Green Chimneys Founder Samuel B. Ross, Jr.

February 28, 2019

One year ago today, Green Chimneys Founder Samuel B. “Rollo” Ross, Jr., Ph.D., died peacefully in the home of his son in Las Vegas, Nevada. On the anniversary of his death, we pause to remember all that Rollo and wife Myra began. They dedicated seven decades to nurturing Green Chimneys, helping thousands of families and animals.

Below is a story written by Green Chimneys High School Student Kristin H, and it captures the spirit of Rollo.

The Story Of Green Chimneys

Once there was a man named Dr. Sam Ross. Dr. Sam Ross had a dream, a dream that he would help kids who are in need and animals that are hurt. Dr. Sam Ross also had a dream that he would make people smile. Growing up Dr. Sam Ross always had animals by him all the time. Dr. Sam Ross thought that animals could be so much more than pets.

Dr. Sam Ross always believed that everyone can do better then they thought that they could do. He also thought that he can change people’s lives. He also wanted us kids to graduate school and to get good jobs. He also wanted us to have fun. Dr. Ross wanted us to connect with people, plants and animals. He wanted us to be joyful. He didn’t want us to be nervous. He just wanted us to feel welcome at Green Chimneys. He was a great and a funny man to be with. He was one of my favorite staff.

Dr. Sam Ross made Green Chimneys to be a 12 month program for kids. He would have daily jobs for the children. He would also show lots and lots of love and passion for kids and animals young and old. Dr. Sam Ross always had a smile on his face to make people happy. He always had a new joke for everyone. Dr. Sam Ross was always the one who would want us to do great in school. He wouldn’t want you to feel sad for his death. He would want you to spread happiness.

Each day we continue Rollo’s legacy by providing quality educational, therapeutic and recreational programs. It’s an honor and a privilege.

Join us in continuing Rollo’s legacy, and make
a difference in the lives of children and animals.


Gifts to Green Chimneys in loving memory of Rollo may be made via:

  • Online via PayPal >
  • Credit card by calling Jennifer at 845.279.2995 x116
  • Or by check made payable to “Friends of Green Chimneys” and sent to “Friends of Green Chimneys, 400 Doansburg Road, Brewster, New York 10509.” Please note “IMO Rollo” on the “for” field of the check.


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