Maple’s Sweet Journey

May 1, 2023

Green Chimneys students and staff recently bid a fond farewell to Maple, a favorite member of the horse barn. It’s never easy to say goodbye to an animal partner but knowing that they are going to a caring home and will enjoy a good life is always a comforting thought.

Maple came to Green Chimneys on Thanksgiving Day of 2021 and quickly won over many hearts with her friendly and calm demeanor. “She’s sweet like maple syrup,” many would exclaim while interacting with her. Although a previous foot injury had healed well, Maple was unable to take riders but provided many a lesson in equine care. Her reputation as a “gentle giant” made it easy for students to work with her; from grooming to hand walking, and even administering medical treatment, Maple helped students gain valuable skills in caretaking for a large horse.

In line with Green Chimneys’ commitment to every animal that shares some time with us, careful consideration went into finding a place where Maple could further excel and shine in all of her skills. Green Chimneys worked with equine therapy partner Newport Healthcare to find Maple a forever home where she will continue to teach others and spread sweetness in a way that best aligns with her continued health treatment.

Newport Healthcare believes that horses have a unique sensitivity to people’s feelings, and their certified equine-assisted therapists use this relational context to guide and support change. The human-horse connection at Newport Healthcare allows its residents to address emotions and issues, much like Maple did at Green Chimneys.

Within her first two weeks at Newport, Maple was acclimated and settled in. She is already a favorite with Newport clients and enjoys hanging out with mini donkeys Scooby and Shaggy.

Home Sweet Home

It was a bittersweet moment watching Maple ride away from Green Chimneys but we know she is in truly caring hands. Newport Healthcare equine specialists have already sent multiple updates on Maple’s experience at her new home:

“It’s like we’ve always had Maple! Maple has become such a great addition to the Newport herd and we are so excited to continue working with her. Thank you for allowing us to love such a wonderful horse!”

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