Goldman Sachs Helps Keep the ‘Merry’ in Our Holidays

December 9, 2021

Goldman Sachs employees with Santa and Mrs. Claus, Brewster Campus, Dec 2019.

Santa’s helpers come in all forms. For over two decades, Goldman Sachs has been making holidays wishes happen for Green Chimneys School students.

At Green Chimneys School, we often teach our students about the importance of flexibility. When it comes to navigating another holiday season during a global pandemic, flexibility remains an important factor. For our students, children with special needs, embracing change can be particularly challenging. The reliability and routine of schedules, activities, meals, and even celebrations bring comfort. In school, through therapy, and on the farm, students are encouraged to stretch their mindset, imagine alternatives, and self-regulate when changes occur. This takes time and practice. And as complications of the pandemic continue, we’re tasked with helping our students find silver linings, create new ways forward, and adapt to the unexpected.

Traditions are upheld thanks to a few tweaks.

One such champion of change is a group of longstanding partners and friends: the employees of Goldman Sachs. For the majority of the last 20 years, employees of Goldman Sachs have hosted an annual holiday party for Green Chimneys students. Acting as elves extraordinaire, Goldman Sachs employees would purchase gifts for students; every year a group of the employees, along with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, would visit to spread cheer.

There’s no pause to Goldman Sachs’ spirit of giving.

Even with COVID-19 safety protocols in place and large gatherings on pause, Goldman Sachs’ commitment to Green Chimneys endures. Their employees are persistent in their support of our students. They value the therapeutic education and clinical services provided at Green Chimneys and want to ensure its strengths for decades to come. Similar to 2020, this year’s monetary gifts will help to sustain our programming and support the education and care of every student. Though the type of gifts may be different, the spirit of their giving is very much the same.

Gratitude for constant good cheer and great support.

As our donors, we could not be more thankful to the employees of Goldman Sachs for persevering and for being a shining example of adaptability and commitment to our students. And as our partners in holiday cheer, Green Chimneys is truly grateful for Goldman Sachs’ spirit and generosity.

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