A Special Volunteer Bond

June 29, 2023

Green Chimneys is fortunate to have the commitment of numerous volunteers who give their time, and heart, to help meet the diverse needs of a campus serving children and animals. Longtime volunteer Al Marmor is one of these special individuals, generously giving his time since 1988.

Working primarily at the Farm & Wildlife Center, Al has served as a carpenter, horticulturist, snow remover, and painter, tending to tasks large and small in every season, and in all kinds of weather. Although his work contribution is evidence of his commitment to the Green Chimneys mission, it is Al’s huge heart and sense of humor that have endeared him to generations of students and staff. He is a kind presence, always ready to joke, and just loves to be part of the Green Chimneys community. 

An Intergenerational Partnership

Al recently began partnering with farm maintenance staff member James Langworthy and in the time they have been working together, a special bond has formed. James, a young man in his 20s, and Al, 93 years old, have developed a beautiful intergenerational relationship that is beneficial to both and makes their time together more special and productive.

James calls Al his ‘granduncle’ and sees Al as a role model, mentor, and friend. “Al reminds me of my own grandfather,” says James. “The four hours we spend together each week is the highlight of my work week.” Just by chatting and sharing stories as they work, the two have connected in ways we have not seen before with our volunteers and staff. James enjoys hearing Al’s stories and experiences and respects Al’s suggestions for the projects they work on, learning more every day. In turn, Al loves to share his wisdom, humor, and life experiences. “My time with James makes me feel young!” Al says with a grin.

We are grateful for our team of volunteers, who spend time taking care of our hundreds of animals, tending to our farm and gardens, and tutoring and mentoring our students. Learn more about opportunities to get involved at Green Chimneys