Make a Year-End Gift Today

Shortly after arriving, Maddy settled into school and residential life, made friends, and formed connections with several horses on our working farm. She invested in her treatment and learned better coping skills to deal with her strong emotions. In time, Maddy found enough peace and confidence to return to her home district, which is always the goal for our students.

Stories like Maddy’s don’t happen without friends like you. Time is running short for your year-end gift, tax deductible for 2023. Your generosity will make a difference in the life of a child who is struggling, and their family too.

Your gift will:

  • Contribute to educational and therapeutic programming that teaches our students the skills and confidence to focus on their own well-being, academic development, and abilities to achieve success at Green Chimneys and beyond.
  • Contribute to the care of our valued animal partners and their integral role in supporting the growth and development of Green Chimneys’ students.

We hope you’ll support Green Chimneys with one last tax-deductible gift this year. Green Chimneys is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and we depend on generous donations for many of our most innovative programs to help children with special needs find the help and healing they deserve… children like Maddy.