COVID-19 Information

Update: wednesday, July 1

In response to New York State Governor Cuomo’s executive order regarding in-person special education instruction, Green Chimneys has worked with state agencies, including the New York State Education Department and Department of Health to meet guidelines and expectations for in-person instruction this summer.

Remote learning will continue for all students on July 6, following the recess break. For families that have opted to resume in-person instruction for their child, classes will begin on July 13 at the Brewster and Clearpool campuses. Please refer to the School Reopening Plan and Protocol for complete policies and procedures.

The Health Center continues to coordinate all medication pick ups. Please direct any medical-related questions to the Health Center at 845.279.2995, ext 253.

Previous communications can be viewed here.

If you have additional medical questions, please contact your local health department.