Students Share and Shine at Talent Show

February 15, 2019

When the lights went up on the Green Chimneys Talent Show last night, there couldn’t have been a more dramatic start. As Green Chimneys high school student Matt led on drums, staff and fellow student Nate followed on the bass, guitar, and keys. An intense version of Metallica’s Enter Sandman took over the gym. The crowd embraced the intensity and cheered for more!

 Green Chimneys Talent Show 2019

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The annual event, organized by a team of recreational and art therapists, provides Green Chimneys School children who struggle with social, emotional and learning challenges, an opportunity to shine. A wide range of acts graced the stage, from vocal stylings and dance performances to a card-throwing demo and a Rubik’s cube showdown. Students drew inspiration from a range of artists too, including Lady Gaga, Imagine Dragons, Demi Lovato, Michael Jackson, Green Day and more.

And while the night’s playlist may look like that of any other school variety show, the essence of the night was distinctly Green Chimneys. It’s an evening where farm staff was visibly present, even if the only hint of an animal is in puppet form. Social workers and education staff looked to reconnect with parents to share in the excitement. Students and residential life staff were at the ready with cheers and high fives. Sparkly pom-poms and spoken affirmations permeated the event. This year, a father and son jammed together on stage. A youth counselor made a surprise appearance amidst a dance-off. And the staff helped our young stars shine in whatever form of encouragement was required.

Most of all, there was a communal understanding of the significance of these accomplishments. With each performance, students conquered anxieties. They applied coping skills. They chose to share a piece of themselves with trust in a safe, supportive environment.

It was an honor to celebrate these creative acts of self-expression and triumphs of personal growth. Bravo students! Bravo staff! Take a bow.

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