Green Chimneys Students Prepare to Conquer the Forest

October 11, 2017

Come November 18th, Green Chimneys will host Conquer the Forest, a 5-mile trail run through the Model Forest at the Clearpool campus in Carmel, NY. A small team of Green Chimneys students will be there to take on the challenge and high schoolers Riley and Greg can’t wait to place their toes on that starting line. They are training hard and are two great examples of what Green Chimneys makes possible.

When Riley and Greg first arrived on campus as residential students, no one would have said either of these guys would to mature into two of our best athletes, and leaders, on campus. However, as athletes and as people, they quickly surpassed everyone’s expectations. Over the past couple of years, the two have emerged as stars of the Green Chimneys Cross Country and Track team and they have done it in the very best manner; they run hard, they lead by example, and they never complain. Every afternoon this fall, the team is getting out and putting in miles. A normal run has covered 2-3 miles but the team is looking to increase that as the big day approaches.

One of the hardest things for top runners on any team is to have the patience to wait for the back of the pack but this doesn’t bother these two. Riley and Greg are always there to help the team and support the coaches and this has spilled over into their day-to-day lives on campus; both have become well respected by students and staff, alike. We wish Riley and Greg the best this November as they Conquer the Forest!

Join Green Chimneys families and local runners for a great challenge and an amazing cause. All proceeds will benefit Green Chimneys’ therapeutic programs for children and animals.