Camel Workshop

Saturday, August 17 - 19, 2024
All day

Green Chimneys, Brewster Campus
400 Doansburg Road
Brewster, NY 10509

Class-Act Camels: Preparing Your Camel
for Public, Educational, and Therapeutic Work

In the last few years, camels have gained popularity with human-animal interaction professionals who recognize their versatility and ability to bring unique learning and therapeutic benefits in a variety of settings.


The Sam and Myra Ross Institute at Green Chimneys will host a workshop designed to help camel enthusiasts enhance their skills and explore ways of incorporating camel interactions into programs with clients and the public.

Open to camel owners and non-owners alike, this year’s workshop will include presentations by professionals in the therapeutic, veterinary and camel industries. The workshop will offer a combination of hands-on training and camel handling practices (including leading, riding, ground driving, medical restraints, general handling, and husbandry of camels) as well as presentations on camel behaviors, creating animal-assisted programs and camel veterinary topics.

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This workshop is geared toward camel enthusiasts from the Northeastern United States looking to benefit from hands-on training, classroom discussions and guest speakers. Those interested in working with camels will also benefit from demos and discussion of how to safely lead camel-assisted activities with humans.


Since 2012, Green Chimneys has incorporated camels into nature-based programs for children with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. As a special education school and residential treatment center, Green Chimneys is recognized worldwide for innovative approaches to education and nature-based programs. The current trio of camels, along with the 300+ animals that make up the Farm & Wildlife Center, are an integral part of the educational, therapeutic, and recreational offered at Green Chimneys School. Green Chimneys continues to be a leader, advocate, and educator of human-animal interactions (HAI). Through The Sam and Myra Ross Institute, Green Chimneys serves the HAI community by conducting ongoing research initiatives, hosting conferences and workshops, and fostering the future of HAI through the Henry J. and Erna D. Leir Global Internship Program.

Tickets will go on sale at noon on 1/16/24 on Eventbrite.

Given that this workshop is hand-on, there is limited space available for humans, and even more limited space for camels. Registration is first-come, first-served. A waiting list will be made when the limit is reached.

FEE for humans

  • $450 per person for 3 days
  • $375 per person for 2 days
  • $200 per person for 1 day

Registration fee includes lunch on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Complimentary coffee, tea, and water will be available throughout each day.

FEE for camels

  • $350 per camel, regardless of the number of days attending workshop
  • $200 for each additional camel, regardless of the number of days attending workshop

Additional info for attendees bringing their camel(s):

  • All participating camels must have a valid health certificate, proof of rabies vaccination and proof of negative fecal test within the last 30 days OR have been properly dewormed within the last 30 days. Owners must also provide certificate of insurance.
  • Friday afternoon arrival is available at no additional cost.
  • Each camel will be kept in a 12×12 stall in the horse barn facility at Green Chimneys.
  • Owners responsible for cleaning and feeding their own camel — hay, shavings, and equipment provided by Green Chimneys.
  • Two sand arenas will be available for supervised turnout if a camel needs to stretch their legs or take a break from being stalled.
  • As a school and residential treatment center for children, owners are not permitted to check on their camels after hours/overnight (5pm-7am).


Doug Baum: Doug Baum has owned and operated Texas Camel Corps since 1997. Business activities include guided camel treks in the Big Bend region of Texas, guided tours in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, India, and Kenya, and annual public education programs with his family’s camels from Mississippi to Arizona and New Mexico, and across Texas. Baum is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker and he and his camels have been featured in Texas Monthly, Texas Highways, ARAMCO World magazine, and National Geographic Adventure.

Terri Lindley: Terri started riding horses in 1970 and became a professional horse trainer in 1979. While riding racehorses from 1982-2000, Terri expanded her training skills and began working with all breeds, all disciplines and addressing problem issues with horses. To date, Terri has started approximately 3000 horses under saddle. In 2010, Terri took the leap into working with exotics; first a camel, then a zebra, then a steer. Her expertise has diversified far beyond those species, and Terri has since established herself as an entirely mobile trainer for the last 8 years. She says, “My philosophy is creating soft, confident, safe animals, with refinement in skill set, and teaching owners/handlers proper feel, timing, release, energy and intention.”

Guest Speakers

Chester De’Angelis: Chester De’Angelis attended University of Denver for a certificate in Animal Assisted Social Work alongside his MSW. Since then, he has successfully expanded and professionalized an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy practice in Colorado, increasing community impact and engagement, adding new insurances and funding streams, and creating satellite locations. Developing Animal Assisted Therapy programming that is sustainable for both the people and animals is the passion and primary focus of Chester’s career.

Nick Morrow: Nick Morrow graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Science with an emphasis in Bioveterinary Science. He also received a minor in Biology and Chemistry. He started vet school at Utah State’s School of Veterinary Medicine in the fall of 2022. Aside from his schooling, Nick is also the owner of a mobile animal care and training business called Hooves, Humps & Horns. He trains exotics, livestock, and horses, around the United States.

Eric Souders: Eric Souders has been the Camelid Superintendent at the Coconino County fair in Arizona for over 20 years. Additionally he has led the Camelid 4H project for nearly as long. By providing the llamas, alpacas, and camels, Eric’s project allows children without the resources of land to work with large animals and present them at the fair. The project includes volunteer opportunities with the animals, packing experiences, and many opportunities for skill and confidence development.

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