The Campaign FAQs

Why are we having this campaign for The Farm & Wildlife Center?

We have three main goals for this campaign is to:

  1. Sustain the home of our best partners in therapy.
  2. Give children with special needs a chance to succeed.
  3. Invest in the future of our farm animals and wildlife today.

Green Chimneys has always prided itself on serving children with mental, emotional, and developmental challenges through our renowned Therapeutic Day School and Residential Treatment Center. At the same time, we have become a global leader in animal-assisted therapy and nature-based programming.

But the reality is: Green Chimneys’ school and programs rely heavily on public funding. Also, The Farm & Wildlife Center depends partially on this funding too.

The Campaign for the Farm & Wildlife Center will ensure that our farm animals and wildlife have a permanent home that is not susceptible to the changing tides of funding priorities and fiscal objectives.


How much money is Green Chimneys trying to raise in this campaign and how much have we raised so far?

We have set an overall campaign goal of $10 million. This is by far the biggest campaign in Green Chimneys history. As of May of 2019, the campaign has raised more than $8 million in gifts and pledges — or 80% of our goal.

How long will the campaign last?

We expect the campaign to end in May of 2020.

What will the money from this campaign be used for?

The funds raised during this campaign give Green Chimneys the financial strength and flexibility to maintain and operate the Farm and Wildlife Center in perpetuity. Also, children with special needs can continue to benefit from the therapeutic benefits of animal-assisted therapy and nature-based programming for generations to come.

What is the Fund?

The Farm & Wildlife Center requires substantial, consistent, and permanent funding and, by receiving such funds, Green Chimneys can continue to sustain a great portion of its operations.

Your gift will be invested in perpetuity, and distribution from the invested contributions will be used to fund programming.

Who will manage the fund?

An Investment Committee consisting of key leaders and staff will be established to manage the fund. Green Chimneys will strive to earn the highest possible return from interest, dividends, realized gains, and market value increases while maintaining an appropriate level of risk. The Investment Committee will closely monitor the performance of the fund’s portfolio, with reallocation occurring as needed.

What will be the Annual Distribution?

Green Chimneys will determine the annual fund distribution by utilizing a payout formula that provides a steady stream of income to support current needs while preserving the fund’s annual growth.