Supporting Putnam County Youth

Weekly support/information groups are available for Putnam County youth. Psycho-educational group meetings run for 8 weeks and build continuity with youth and support their growth and development.

Current Groups


Comprehensive education on the risks of substance use, its potential impact on mental health, and how it can affect a developing mind and long-term mental health. Discussions include the relationship between substances and their effects on specific mood disorders, and co-occurring mental health issues.

Career Readiness

Career Readiness prepares youth ages 14-20 to take steps in attaining a job. The youth work with staff to learn how to write resumes and applications as well as build upon strengths to learn interview skills and how to prepare for a job in the future.

Panic Room

Panic Room helps youth ages 10-16 understand what anxiety is and how to effectively cope with negative emotions. Youth work with staff and utilize peer support to understand the roots of their anxiety, how it can affect them as well as how to cope in situations that causes anxiousness to arise.

Anger Management

Anger Management helps youth learn effective ways to express and manage their anger. The program addresses triggers, negative patterns of interaction, self-care, stress management and effective communication; all with the goal of reducing problematic behaviors and increasing self-esteem.


B.O.Y.S. allows boys ages 10-12 to focus on team work, relationships, self-esteem and social skills and ultimately enhance their growth as young men.

Girls Only!

Girls Only! helps girls ages 10-16 learn about relationships, positive body image, and making healthy choices, in addition to building their self-esteem and growth as young women.

LGBTQ Alliance

LGBTQ Alliance provides safe space for LGBTQ and allied youth and young adults ages 13-21 to build community and promote social justice through empowerment. This group explores the history of gender, male/female stereotypes, healthy relationships, community safety and internet safety.

Risk Takers Anonymous

Risk Takers Anonymous helps youth to identify the consequences associated with risky behaviors/decisions they may make. The program offers peer-to-peer support for making healthier decisions and finding ways to avoid conflict, and teaches the skills needed to make good choices in difficult situations.

Additional Support

Individual Counseling Services are also available under the New York State Children’s Mental Health Rehabilitation Services Program for eligible youth up to 21 years old. Download the flyer for details.