Clearpool Partner School Program for Environmental Science and Experiential Learning

The value of experiences outside of the classroom can be immeasurable. Hands-on activities engage young minds and reinforce lessons in science and discovery, particularly when they take place in an outdoor setting.

The Clearpool Partner School Program for Environmental Science and Experiential Learning offers an array of activities to enhance your in-school curriculum. Nature-based education, experiential learning and exciting team-building exercises take place in our 350-acre “living classroom” where students can study environmental science, plants and wildlife, and conservation issues.

Our program is a highly sought-after resource by many schools. Teachers report that after participating in the program, students demonstrate significant academic improvement in core subjects and, equally important, teachers note improved teamwork, communication, and leadership within the classroom.

Programming is based on a school’s curriculum needs and budget, and typically consists of multiple trips to the Clearpool Campus over a period of time such as a semester or even a full school year. Less intensive programs are available but all Partner Schools must commit to a minimum of 2 full-day programs (two single day trips or an overnight trip). In addition, Partner Schools are required to participate in pre- and post-trip activities and assessments.

Scholarship Opportunity!

Our goal is to provide as many schools as possible with the opportunity to enrich learning and broaden experiences of their students. New York City public schools and programs with limited funds are eligible for a scholarship toward a customized education program at Clearpool.

All Partner School Program requirements apply to scholarship applicants. Funding is limited and applications are evaluated based on the needs of the students, the potential impact on their learning, cost of the program selected, and the potential for meaningful collaboration.

Apply for a Partner School Scholarship for the upcoming academic year.


Completed applications must be signed by the school principal and superintendent.