About Clearpool Campus

Originally founded in 1901 as a summer camp for disadvantaged inner-city children, Green Chimneys’ Clearpool Campus has become an established education resource for schools, a valued partner to human services organizations, and an environmental steward. After more than 100 years, it remains one of the finest outdoor facilities in the same pristine surroundings that existed a century ago. These elements continue to inspire imagination and exploration among children and adults.

A History of Outdoor Exploration and Education

In addition to outdoor education and recreation programs for the public, the Clearpool Campus includes classrooms that are part of Green Chimneys School and also provides a very popular day camp to the community each summer.

In October 2011, the Clearpool property became the location of the fourth New York State Model Forest established in the New York City Watershed region. This designation set aside 264 acres of privately-owned forestland as a demonstration site to promote land and water stewardship in the Lower Hudson Valley.