Our Guiding Principles

Our commitment is to foster in our children, families and staff, an inherent confidence in themselves and the development of positive expectations for their future. Our belief is that every individual’s sense of well-being is enhanced through the embodiment of the following principles:

  • We value and promote Human-Animal and Nature-Based Interactions, understanding the impact they have on social development and emotional growth.
  • We provide supports that are Trauma-Informed to create an environment of safety and promote empowerment to the individual while allowing them to heal.
  • We provide children, their families, and our staff with opportunities for learning and growth by establishing expectations and goals that are Individualized and Strength-Based.
  • We are Family-Centered, recognizing that families are the experts on their child and that strong family and community connections are essential to positive growth and change and a sense of well-being.
  • We believe that Positive Reinforcement creates an environment that fosters growth and the development of skills.
  • We value a Collaborative Culture built on professionalism, accountability, respect and the unique contributions of all team members.
  • We are committed to constant Quality Improvement through continuous data collection, evaluation, research and adaptation.