Innovation in Animal-Assisted Therapy & Nature-Based Education

Take a peek inside our school garden and watch students learn, heal, and grow!
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Green Chimneys is recognized as an innovator in animal-assisted therapy and nature-based education, therapy and recreation. The Farm & Wildlife Center primarily serves Green Chimneys School and the Residential Treatment Center with nature-based activities that are infused into programs across the organization, including summer camp, nursery school/day care, and community-based programs. An enriched treatment milieu that specifically brings people together with animals, plants and nature in a beneficial relationship lays at the foundation of the Green Chimneys approach.

Green Chimneys incorporates plants and animals in many settings, including Green Chimneys School, our corporate offices and Putnam County youth program locations. Aviaries, mini-gardens, goldfish ponds, classroom fish tanks, photos of nature and animals on the walls, and an innovative program that permits staff to bring carefully screened personal dogs to work reinforce the Green Chimneys connection to plants, animals and the outdoors and incorporation of the natural world into services and environments.

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