Setting Up Students for Success

June 27, 2023

Green Chimneys students benefit from a fully integrated approach that incorporates academic, behavioral and emotional support to help each child achieve new skills and confidence. Part of this support focuses on building foundational skills that help youth develop the ability to make good choices; express themselves in effective ways; and navigate varied situations, such as a social setting or job site.

Partnerships with agencies like CoveCare Center and Job Corps help provide education and guidance that all youth need to prepare for independence and a life beyond school. This spring, all Green Chimneys middle and high school students started participating in substance abuse education and prevention programming with CoveCare Center, a mental health provider serving the Hudson Valley region.

A curriculum focused on healthy decision-making incorporates psychoeducation to help students make positive choices around temptation, peer pressure, and risk-taking behaviors. Strategies for reducing stress and managing anger are core to activities designed to build interpersonal and self-management skills, which are key to successful relationships and employment throughout life.

Moving beyond employment awareness to real preparedness

Green Chimneys also works closely with Jobs Corps to introduce students to a concentrated career training option and assist with the application. Work readiness education at Green Chimneys starts as early as middle school helping students to identify career interests; attain work-based learning experience; and develop key life and employment skills. Open to upper-grade students, Job Corps is a program of the US Department of Labor that provides a residential college-style experience with workforce development and complete job training and certification in a wide range of fields, including technical services; trades; healthcare; hospitality; transportation; and finance.

As a structured and supportive program, Job Corps offers a solid next step for students who need time to build their independence and readiness for the workplace, higher education or other future pursuits. Markus Goss graduated from Green Chimneys in June 2022 and arrived at Job Corps’ Callicoon, NY campus that August. Markus was enthusiastic and energized from the outset, completing a Personal Career Development Plan and readily graduating the initial 60-day Career Preparation Period. “I knew right away that I wanted to do the Electrical Trade,” he says.

Markus is focused on building his technical skills and carving out a solid career path.

Markus also became active in campus life, taking on the role of Vice President of the Student Government Association and a stint as “Dorm Mayor,” gaining leadership skills and the ability to advocate on behalf of students. Job Corps helped Markus continue to build some of the skills he developed at Green Chimneys. He notes increasing his self-awareness and composure in certain situations, and a resolve to press on, regardless of judgment and input from others. Read about Markus’ time at Green Chimneys and how he grew 

On a future path

Following the necessary electrical courses, Markus now has a resume that features the skills and certifications he has acquired and his future looks bright. He has also met all requirements to attend the STRAC Program at Exeter Job Corps Academy in Rhode Island, to learn to solder, repair and design hardware for circuit boards. “I feel proud and comfortable in what I’m doing,” says Markus. “Job Corps has taught me that we’re learning something new every day and that a job takes dedication, determination, and the will to do what you do efficiently and effectively.” We look forward to Markus’ continued success!

Helping Students Develop Their Path

Transition Planning at Green Chimneys is designed to show students – and their families – the wide range of options and resources available to them, and help them to develop individualized plans based on their strengths and interests. Learn more about our Transition Team and the guidance they provide