New Grant to Launch After School Coding Club

December 7, 2018

Green Chimneys is a proud recipient of new funding to support computer skills and activities for students with autism. The $10K grant is from nationally known autism advocacy organization Autism Speaks, through its NXT GEN Coders Program Powered by GameStop. The funds will go to the creation of an After School Coding Club for Green Chimneys School students with autism, aged 10-18.

Introducing students to new knowledge and real-world skills

Younger students will be introduced to the new learning activity through fun programming assignments using Minecraft and Frozen. Older students will focus on a variety of programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. The Coding Club will hopefully spark an interest in pursuing further education or a career in technology.

Green Chimneys School currently offers a coding class once a week to approximately 15-20 students on the autism spectrum between the ages of 13 and 18. However, the number of students with autism who are interested in coding and programming skills has exceeded the ability to accommodate them within the school day. This grant will enable the school to expand staffing and provide the popular after school club two to three days a week, enabling more students to participate.

a unique outlet for students with special needs

“Knowledge of basic computer programming is fast becoming an essential skill,” says Green Chimneys School Principal Jerry Newell. “Learning how to create simple websites and games helps children develop their design, logic and problem-solving skills, and their attention to detail. It provides a unique outlet for students with autism and other special needs to express their ideas and demonstrate their creativity.”

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