It’s a Girl: Farm Welcomes Foal

May 15, 2019

At long last, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of a foal; meet Cricket! Miniature horse Maya gave birth overnight to a beautiful little girl. The female foal, also known as a filly, is already standing, nursing and napping. Fortunately, mama Maya is doing well too.

All winter Green Chimneys students have been learning from—and helping care for—Maya. And as much as we’ve anticipated spring’s arrival, the foal’s arrival has really been top of mind. We’re grateful to the expertise of staff, and the care and consideration of students, for helping mom and baby.

New Beginnings

“Witnessing a foal’s first days and how tenderly the mare bonds with her baby can be a profound experience for us all,” explains Michael Kaufmann, Director of Green Chimneys Farm & Wildlife Director and Head of The Sam and Myra Ross Institute. “Watching a new life begin and seeing the foal’s connection to its mother – these experiences are not only priceless, but they can also be therapeutic.”

Witnessing, Helping, Connecting

For students who may struggle with human relationships, communicating or regulating emotions, Maya and her foal join the farm family in providing ample opportunities for
staff and children to draw parallels, open conversations, and ultimately, help to
care for other living beings.

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Please help us continue to provide a safe and caring home for Cricket and all of our furry and feathered partners in education and therapy.

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