Green Chimneys Community Shines at Annual Talent Show

February 16, 2018

What makes our annual Talent Show so special? It’s truly an event where everyone shines – Green Chimneys School students, families, and staff. Students conquer the stage. And in that process you may find moral support in the form of a social worker turned backup singer, a youth counselor as a sidekick dancer, or a stuffed unicorn promoted to co-star.

Last night was no exception. Conquer the stage they did! There were the drummers and various musicians; the crooners, rappers, and soloists; the dancers, puppeteers, and comedians … there was even a student who solved a Rubik’s cube in under 1 minute! In attendance were students’ peers, siblings, parents, grandparents and Green Chimneys staff. It’s the kind of evening when families and staff reconnect. Others meet for the first time. Hugs cannot be counted and the pride cannot be contained.

And it’s all happening in a supportive atmosphere – where students, with the help of recreational and art therapists, are encouraged to challenge themselves while expressing emotions and sharing passions.

Parent of Green Chimneys Student

“As much as a mother raises her son, a son also raises his mother. From Brandon I have learned the power of a tender heart as I have witnessed his quiet kindness toward others. Brandon worked so hard to accomplish this – seeing him perform was amazing. Thank you Green Chimneys helping for helping my son.” Larissa Valdez, Green Chimneys Parent

As a special education school for children with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges, taking a traditional school activity and transforming it into a therapeutic experience is invaluable to the kids. And as a community, we can all celebrate teamwork, acceptance and personal growth. Congrats to all involved!