Fresh From Snow Hill Farm

November 1, 2016

Green Chimneys is always so grateful for the gifts we receive from our friends and supporters but when those gifts are organic, sustainably produced and delicious, it’s something to talk about!

Snow Hill Farms is an organic farm in the town of North Salem committed to maintaining sustainable practices throughout its operations. It’s thanks to that commitment that Green Chimneys students have benefited from delicious organic vegetables and meats all summer long!

During the high-producing summer months on their farm, owners Laura and Kevin O’Donohue generously donate their excess vegetables and meats to Green Chimneys. From radishes and squash to beets and pork, Snow Hill Farms has donated hundreds of pounds of food to Green Chimneys – keeping it out of landfills and filling our students’ tummies.

“Snow Hill Farm applauds the programs at Green Chimneys which enable children with special needs to reach their potential,” says Laura O’Donohue. “Our hope is that our locally grown organic produce supports these programs and students.”

“It is such a pleasure to add to our menu healthy organic spinach, arugula, kale and swiss chard, among many other beautiful vegetables at the height of their freshness,” states Green Chimneys Chef Mark Kaplan. “For students in my cooking class, these donations help us highlight the value of using local produce that is in season. It makes all the difference in preparing delicious food.”