Past Events

Oct 17

Father-Son Day at Clearpool (Oct 17)

10:00am-4:30pm , Green Chimneys Clearpool Campus
33 Clearpool Road, Carmel, NY 10512

Experience an outdoor adventure…together! Enjoy a fall day of challenging and educational father-son activities that will provide opportunities to learn from — and with — each other. Participate in favorite outdoor pastimes and discover new skills while spending a special day on our 350-acre Clearpool forest campus. Space is limited. Sign up today! $45 per […]



Crowned the best for falconry in medieval times, gyrfalcons were once reserved for kings. As the largest falcon in the world, with exquisite plumage ranging from bright white to deep charcoal, gyrs are revered for their powerful skill of flight. Their long wings make hunting waterfowl from 3,000-feet-high a feasible and fantastical feat. This falcon was flown in the sport of falconry for several years.