What parents are saying about Nature's Nursery ...

Who better to tell you about our early education programs than the parents we serve:

From Nature’s Nursery parent Cristina Wilson:

I love so many things about NN. The teachers are consistent and love my child. They give my child extra attention when they need it and promote all the important skills they need to be kindergarten ready. My kids have learned all about numbers, letters, reading, in a fun and truly play-oriented environment. Children this age learn through play and Nature’s Nursery truly understands this. The teachers are nurturing and caring. They have experience and are really supportive of families. Most importantly the Nature’s Nursery teachers help develop my children socially. I have had two kids go through the program starting at 3 and leaving when 5 entering Brewster kindergarten. I have one more child, an 11-month-old baby, that I will not hesitate to send to Nature’s Nursery as soon as he is 3.

I love all the “extra” things the children get to experience. They learn to love and understand animals, and this is integrated into their learning in the classroom. They get to see horses, sheep, pigs and feed them snacks. They experience the pool, going to the library, eating in a family style in the cafeteria. All of these things help build skills. They move from building to building and across campus; they do not stay in one small room all day long. They are outside as much as possible playing. This is what I want most for my kids, to get dirty and have fun. They learn so much from all the interactions and the learning that is hidden within these experiences.

As a social worker, with a concentration in families children and youth, I publish on child and family development, and I would highly recommend this program to anyone in the area.

I would say they have to go visit and see how dedicated the teachers and staff are. They truly care about the child and their family. They work towards each child’s strengths. My two kids are VERY different and they have loved an nurtured each one differently. They have prepared them for kindergarten and beyond.

From Nature’s Nursery parent Kristin Licardi:

As a staff member of Green Chimneys, I love the comfort that comes from knowing some of the staff and the setting. The staff are communicative about any issues that come up during the day, and care for my daughter as they would their own children. I feel confident that Maggie is well cared for and safe. I also know that she is learning. Maggie is able to tell me something new that she learned almost every day! She is excited, wants to be here, and misses her teachers and friends when she is out. I also feel that the farm and nature-based programs open up a whole new world for Maggie, one she would not learn about in most other places.