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Top 4 Reasons to Give the Gift of Animal Sponsorship

1. It’s easy: Indicate who the lucky gift recipient is and we’ll worry about the details. Each gift recipient receives a personalized letter and a certificate with information on his or her new friend.

2. Sponsorship options are awesomely affordable and start at $25.

3. Your accountant will love you as this gift is 100% tax deductible.

4. Because it matters: You will help our most popular teachers and therapists, the animals.

When you sponsor an animal, you become part of a family of people who have the satisfaction of giving special support to the inhabitants of the Green Chimneys Farm & Wildlife Center. The costs for daily care and maintenance (including food, veterinary care, shelter, grooming, etc.) consume a large part of the farm’s annual budget. Your donation helps with expenses incurred by the more than 300 animals, birds of prey and injured wildlife residing at the farm.


The barn owl (Tyto alba) is the most widely distributed species of owl and one of the most widespread of all birds. It is also referred to as the common barn owl, to distinguish it from other species in its family, Tytonidae, which forms one of the two main lineages of living owls. Tyto alba literally means "white owl". The barn owl is found almost everywhere in the world except polar and desert regions. In most regions, the barn owl is nocturnal, but in Britain and some Pacific islands, it also hunts by day. Barn owls specialize in hunting animals on the ground and nearly all of their food consists of small mammals which they locate by sound. They mate for life, which is rare in the animal kingdom. Sponsor an Owl >

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Sponsor a goat for $25 and receive a bio and photo.


Goats are the gymnasts of the barnyard and Vanilla is a great climber. Descending from wild mountain goats, all domestic goats love to jump on rocks, even at just a few days old. Green Chimneys keeps Nigerian goats and Nubian goats, and Vanilla is a crossbreed that was donated for the children of Green Chimneys. The children enjoy taking goats on walks with a collar and a leash, much like walking a dog! However, Vanilla is a shy goat and prefers not to socialize much with the children. She has, instead, found a best friend in Wilbur the Pig! She reminds the children that everyone needs their own space, and that it’s okay to be shy.


Sponsor a rabbit for $25 and receive a bio and photo.


Dandelion came to Green Chimneys after being abandoned by her former owner at a veterinary clinic in Pennsylvania. Initially, we were told that Dandelion was a boy, but we soon discovered that she is female! While her story has a happy ending, it serves as a reminder that caring for any animal is a lifelong commitment.

The Lionhead Rabbit is a relatively new breed that first appeared in Belgium. Its origins began with the crossbreeding of two other rabbit breeds, the Swiss fox and the Belgian dwarf. A genetic mutation led to the breed’s unique mane of fur, and they were indeed named because of their likeness to actual lions! These adorable rabbits reach an adult weight of about 4 pounds, and are favored for their gentle, inquisitive personalities.


Sponsor a pig for $50 and receive a bio and photo.


This is little Wilbur. Guess who he was named after? That’s right, the pig in “Charlotte’s Web!” A young teen purchased him from a farm that raises pigs for food in order to save him from such a fate. Wilbur was given to Green Chimneys where he will be loved and cared for the duration of his fat, fun-filled pig life. He could even live to be thirteen! This little piggy certainly won’t squeal all the way home, he is home.



Sponsor a cow for $50 and receive a photo and bio.


Did you know Green Chimneys was originally a Jersey cow farm? Paddy is a living reminder of our roots! Born on St. Patrick’s Day, this Jersey cow initially came to Green Chimneys for training but quickly and effortlessly became a wonderful addition to the farm. Paddy’s gentle nature enables children to groom and walk him. Paddy’s journey reminds us that sometimes life takes unexpected paths and presents us with new opportunities. We’re thankful Paddy’s path led him to Green Chimneys!



Sponsor a bird for $50 and receive a photo and bio.


Peacocks were the royal birds of Maharajas in India for centuries. Their beauty and impressive tail feathers make them an eye-catching addition to any landscape. At Green Chimneys, peacocks have roamed the campus freely for many years and the birds are a familiar and calming sight to students, staff and visitors. In late summer, the males shed their long  tail feathers, an event eagerly anticipated by students who collect the feathers to decorate their dormitory rooms.


Sponsor a llama for $100 and receive a bio and photo.


Java the llama was donated to Green Chimneys a number of years ago. Along with his friend, Lily, Java helps to protect the sheep out in the pasture and is very entertaining in his own way. He has learned to kiss people on command, pull a cart, carry a pouch with supplies, enter buildings and ride elevators.


Sponsor a sheep for a $100 and receive a bio and photo.


These Katahdin sheep twins were orphaned at birth and came to Green Chimneys during the chilliest part of winter. The children and farm staff carefully nurtured the babies following a strict schedule of bottle feeding, even into the night, gradually increasing their food by a ½ ounce each day. Caring for animals is one way the children learn math and measurements. It's very important to feed baby lambs precisely the correct amount because if they are fed too much they can get very sick. The two lambs grew healthy and strong and are still very popular with the children. Katahdin sheep shed their winter coat, so they do not need to be sheared!


Sponsor the pair for $150 and receive a bio and photo.


Unar and Alta arrived at Green Chimneys in 2007. They were originally brought to our farm for their ability to drive a cart as a team. They have since learned to be ridden and now participate in our riding and driving programs. Unar and Alta are not related but they often act like siblings. This pair demonstrates a great bond and enjoys working together as a team pulling the wagon.


Sponsor a camel for $250 and receive a photo and bio.


This pair of Bactrian camels arrived in May 2012 as a gift to the children of Green Chimneys from the Sacred Camel Gardens in California. Partners since birth, they are perfect complements to each other: Phoenix is self-assured yet quiet and thoughtful, while Sage is enthusiastic and outgoing. Phoenix and Sage will live their whole lives at Green Chimneys and be cared for by the children and staff.

A gift for yourself or for someone special
Your sponsorship will benefit the life of your chosen friend for one full year, or you may choose ongoing sponsorship to support an animal's continuous care. We will send you or your gift recipient a certificate of sponsorship with a photo of the animal and his or her story.

Sponsorship Details

  • All sponsorships are valid for one year
  • Like all living creatures, our animals may become ill, pass away, be temporarily moved off grounds or be transferred to another facility. If your animal leaves for any reason, your gift will be transferred to another animal for the duration of the sponsorship year.
  • No ownership rights are conferred by this transaction.
  • Visiting times: Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m..

On behalf of our farm and wildlife residents, and the children of Green Chimneys,
thank you for your support!

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