The Role of Animal Friends at Green Chimneys

Children can respond to animals in ways they often can’t to people. For Green Chimneys students, it’s a core part of their experiences. Children who are facing trauma, depression, spectrum disorders and other mental health issues, build their self-esteem, develop a sense of responsibility, and feel a connection to another being — all through learning to care for animals.

From the day Green Chimneys Farm for Little Folk opened in 1948, children have had the unique experience of interacting with and caring for animals. Today, Green Chimneys continues to provide a dynamic, experiential learning environment with meaningful ways for children to connect with nature.

An accredited therapeutic day school and residential treatment center provide the academic programming and clinical support to meet each child’s own needs. As a core component of Green Chimneys’ approach, farm & wildlife activities are integrated into every aspect. Each animal plays a supportive role in our educational and animal-assisted therapy programs.

Our children experience an immersion with animals through activities including daily care, therapeutic horseback riding, wildlife exploration and farm science, and a dog interaction and training program that helps prepare rescued dogs for adoption. Through these activities, our children gain the skills and the confidence to cope with their challenges and feel successful.

At Green Chimneys, an animal is a friend…a teacher…a bridge to the caring adults who are here to help each child succeed.

You can make a difference in the lives of children and animals.

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