Institute Internships Explore the Human-Animal Bond and Nature-Based Therapies

Explore a world of possibilities, discover new skills, and meet new people through a truly rewarding experience at one of the most innovative facilities for the education and treatment of children with special needs.

The Institute Internship offers a unique immersion experience for individuals interested in exploring the human-animal bond and nature-based activities to benefit children with special needs. This hands-on internship takes place in Green Chimneys’ enriched and supportive environment on one of two campuses.

The Brewster Campus in Brewster NY serves over 200 children in residential care or day treatment where a professional treatment team of medical staff, social workers, teachers and child care professionals are supported by experts in animal-assisted activities, horticulture education, outdoor education and nature based vocational life skills training. Institute Interns also interact with children and families through public programs and special events open to all community members.

The Clearpool Campus in Carmel, NY is a beautiful forest setting where 32 children work with a smaller group of professionals under a similar structure. The campus is very rustic and features a New York State Model Forest and numerous natural resources, creating a very quiet and dynamic learning environment.

The Institute Internship Program is established
in memory of Henry J. and Erna D. Leir.

Program Schedule
The Institute Internship is a full-time, 4- or 8-month commitment. Interns work
five days a week and also participate in occasional weekend activities and events.
Exact dates vary depending on the Green Chimneys calendar.

Farm Animal, Equine and Wildlife programs

Spring/Summer:January – August
September – December



Vocational and Educational Garden programs

Grow season:April – November


An internship opportunity focused on dog interaction requires direct experience with animal care and dogs,
either from our program partner Animals for Adoption or another reputable shelter/training program. A reference is required; for details contact Miyako Kinoshita at

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