COVID-19 Relief Fund 

Your Help Is Needed
The pandemic has drained our resources, and our students need your help!

While most schools shut down completely during the COVID-19 pandemic, Green Chimneys never missed a beat in serving our students—including some who remained on campus—and their parents. We had to adapt our methods, but we’ve pushed through. But it’s severely strained our resources, and for the sake of the children, we really need your help at this time. Please give generously!


Green Chimneys guinea pig


With the completion of an elaborate new habitat built by Green Chimneys’ woodshop students, the Farm Science classroom was able to welcome Brownie into her new home. Brownie previously lived alone in her cage in the farm and wildlife office, but guinea pigs do best in larger environments. The new habitat allows her to live in a herd as she would in the wild, with many places to hide and ways to practice her skills. Brownie has always been a social creature, and she has taken over the guinea pig herd but is a very peaceful leader. She also works with the farm science students, giving her more opportunities to do new and different things.