COVID-19 Relief Fund 

Your Help Is Needed
The pandemic has drained our resources, and our students need your help!

While most schools shut down completely during the COVID-19 pandemic, Green Chimneys never missed a beat in serving our students—including some who remained on campus—and their parents. We had to adapt our methods, but we’ve pushed through. But it’s severely strained our resources, and for the sake of the children, we really need your help at this time. Please give generously!


Green Chimneys goats help children grow

Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry came to Green Chimneys after they were seized from their previous home due to neglectful conditions. Thankfully, the animal control officer thought of Green Chimneys and brought them here the same morning. They are an Alpine breed of goat, originating in the French Alps, so they are extremely mobile and great jumpers! Alpine goats are also traditionally heavy milkers, and the milk can be made into butter, cheese, soap, ice cream or any other dairy product normally made from cow’s milk. Ever since the first day they arrived, this pair has been wonderful with Green Chimneys students. Our children love collecting leaves to put in a bowl for Tom and Jerry – leaves are their all-time favorite snack. The students have also been helping us train them to walk on a line – something they picked up very quickly! Your goat sponsorship helps Tom, Jerry, and all the members of our goat family live long and happy lives.