Residential Program Process

Green Chimneys Admissions is the point of entry for all residential treatment center admissions. Admissions reviews complete information as provided by the referring agency and schedules interviews for children who fit the academic, social and emotional profile of our residential treatment program.

A team of clinical and educational professionals assesses the whole child, taking into account current home and school situations, past events that may have contributed to current behaviors, academic and intellectual abilities, and a child’s ability to function in an open campus setting.

The Admissions department also oversees any transition between the residential treatment program and therapeutic day school.

Process Overview

  1. Referral is received from the school district and reviewed.
  2. If program seems appropriate, child is interviewed with parent or guardian and receives a tour of the campus, dorms and farm & wildlife center.
  3. Once a child is accepted Admissions partners with parents and referring agencies to collect all necessary documentation needed to facilitate an admission.
  4. When all of the proper paperwork is collected, a date of admission is scheduled for the child.

To make a referral to our residential treatment program

Please send the following to the Admissions Department:

  • Cover letter on official school district letterhead requesting the level of care desired
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Psychological and Educational Evaluations within 3 years
  • Diagnostic Evaluation within 1 year
    Evaluation can be provided by student’s treating psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, neurologist and/or developmental pediatrician and must include diagnosis, treatment modalities utilized, including any medication management, and current level of functioning.
  • Social History within 1 year
  • Any applicable related services evaluations and progress notes

For more information, please contact Admissions at 845.279.2995 x115
or submit an inquiry form.

Note to Applicants

If you are submitting medical or other confidential documents, please do not send to Green Chimneys’ general email address. Please contact Admissions regarding secure transmission of application materials.